I’m Chris Eidhof. Dutch, and living in Berlin.

I wrote two books: Functional Swift and Advanced Swift at objc.io. I’m currently working on Swift Talk, a video series of Florian Kugler and me building apps in Swift.

I built iOS and Mac apps. In 2014, we released Deckset. It’s a Mac app that lets you create beautiful presentations, straight from Markdown. In 2015, we built Scenery, which lets you present your app designs using great photography.

In 2013 we started UIKonf, an independent conference for serious iOS developers. It is now run by other people. In 2014 and 2015 I organized the Functional Swift Conference together with Brandon. In 2016, Agnes also is part of the team.

I enjoy speaking at conferences and meetups, here’s a list of recent talks.

If you find mistakes in this site, feel free to make a pull request on the github repo.

Write to me: chris@my lastname.nl.