Weeknotes № 10

Book Writing

This week we tried to “ship” a bunch of Thinking in SwiftUI chapters to Ole, who’s doing the technical review. We managed to get the chapters on view layout, view trees and environment over to him. We went through all of these chapters once again, and also added a bunch of diagrams.

I wanted to get the State chapter ready as well, but reading through it I felt that we could do better. So we went back, added some more explanations and some diagrams. Here’s a sample of what the state diagrams could look like (this is a first version).

I had some nice quality time with my oldest daughter this week. Among other things, we built a small kid-sized picknick table together out of scrap wood, which we both really enjoyed.

At the new house, I moved over a whole bunch of stuff (to the basement). We had three trees cut down a few weeks back, and the logs were massive and had been laying around in the garden because I couldn’t move them alone. We turned them into smaller chunks using the chainsaw and I then split them using a wedge and a large sledge hammer. This was quite fun (hard physical work outside) but also pretty exhausting.

The plasterers are pretty far now with the loam plastering. It’s turning out really nice, but the big issue is that it takes multiple weeks (at the least) to dry. As we’ll have to move out of our existing house within a few weeks, this isn’t ideal. So we found a small temporary place where we can hopefully live for a month or so as the final finishing steps happen (painting and flooring).

As an experiment, I tried implementing a pure Git library in Swift, using some of the ideas from Write yourself a Git. It went quite well, I managed to read trees, blobs and commits. The core of Git is extremely simple (honestly), and I think building a few commands on top of this small library (such as committing, or maybe even merging) will be a very interesting learning experience.