Weeknotes № 12

Recording, Writing and Moving

Last weekend, we spent the entire sunny weekend around our new house, and with my 5-yo daughter we tackled a whole bunch of small projects: building some walls, sorting out wood, and building and planting our first raised bed.

We recorded a few Swift Talk episodes on Monday, and afterwards (while in Berlin) I met up with a bunch of nice people. The episodes themselves are about using Codable for routing. This is an interesting technique we actually prototyped a few years ago to get bidirectional conversion between an enum and a (String) route you’d use for a web server.

We also continued polishing our book. I wrote a section about matched geometry effect which Florian promptly rewrote into something much clearer. I would like to also turn this into a blog post, hopefully soon.

Over at the house, the plasterers finished, the painter came over for an afternoon to try out the paint, and the tilers started on the upstairs bathroom. Things are looking way more finished, even though it’s still quite a ways to go. I had moved a whole bunch of stuff already, and yesterday we had our family help us move almost everything else. We do still have the bare essentials over at the old place, and we’ll move that on our last day here (next week!). Before moving in, we’ll stay in a holiday home for a few weeks while everything is getting finished.