Weeknotes № 19

Settling In

We spent last week iterating on the book, mostly drawing diagrams. Because our understanding of SwiftUI has gotten much better since the previous release, we also have much better explanations and much better visuals. We also had to change some things in the underlying infrastructure, but that all worked out. Can’t wait to get this ready.

For a side project, I spent half a day researching how to sync data using CloudKit. It seems to be pretty easy. Last time I tried that, I had a hard time configuring things, and understanding how the pieces fit together, but it went without problems this time.

Before we moved in, we started planting a bunch of things in raised beds, and I built two more raised beds last week. We sowed most things ourselves, and bought some small plants as well. We harvested spinach, radish, salat and a number of herbs. It is such a luxury to walk outside into the garden and directly harvest what we need. It also makes me appreciate how much effort goes into this: even with a few large raised beds we would not even come close to growing what we would need to be self-sufficient.

Most of our kitchen arrived, which definitely helps in making the new house liveable. The main thing missing is the fridge, which is challenging but fine (we have a small portable cooler that holds the essentials for a family of four). Hopefully the fridge gets here soon.