Weeknotes № 20

Coloring Text and Gardening

We added a whole lot more diagrams to the book. One thing we struggled with is how to visually separate certain parts, and how to relate them to the text. One of the things we are now able to do is color our text inline (or apply any other attributes). Our Markdown renderer now uses a custom type for string interpolation that lets us embed any other type that converts to attributed strings.

In this post you can see an example. The code is in our book repository, but I think we can move the Markdown-related infrastructure to our attributed-string-builder repository.

On Friday, our fridge arrived. We managed fine without one, but life is much easier with a functional fridge. I also cooked a meal where almost all ingredients came from the garden, except the rice and egg (a rice bowl with spinach, radish, fresh salad and herbs). We have already used up all the radishes we planted, a lot of the spinach and some of the salad. Even though I already built four raised beds, I think I need to build at least a few more this year. Luckily, these are pretty quick to put together (for now, I just use scrap wood and don’t make them very tall).

I went for my first swim in the lake that’s across the street. Pretty cold, but really nice. In other water-related news, I also did a whole bunch of stuff in the garden, and I started the plumbing for our garden. I put all the lines above ground for now, to make sure there are no leaks and because we plan to build a terrace anyway.