Weeknotes № 24

Book Release

We went over the chapters of our book and tried to make an inventory of what we need to add. Most significantly, - the state chapter needs to describe the new way that object observing works, and the animations chapter needs a number of additions.

We then prepared everything for the launch. This is a bit of a tedious manual process (updating all the website pages, the bundles, all the items on Gumroad, etc.). On Friday we launched the prerelease of Thinking in SwiftUI. We also did a live Q&A which was really fun. We plan to do these weekly so please send in your questions. Here’s the Q&A for this Friday.

On Saturday I ran my first marathon in about a year. I have not trained as much (although I have been ramping up my mileage over the last month and a half) and I was very glad to see that I was only four minutes slower than last year (same course, but this year the weather was not as hot). I thought my shape was a lot worse, this is a good starting point to build off of. Although I did try to stay reasonably fit during the house renovation phase, I know I lost a lot of speed and endurance. Building these up again is very simple for me, but no so easy: when I consistently run a lot (more than 140k/week) over a long period of time (a year or longer) I get very fit.

I’m thinking of structuring my upcoming training similar to Nils van der Poel. Although his event is quite different (a speed-skating 10k lasts less 13 minutes whereas a fast marathon lasts almost three hours). I wonder if I should do even more aerobic training and less threshold than he describes.