Weeknotes № 25

Another Chapter

Last week, we had the post-launch week of our book, which is always fun. It’s nice to see the first feedback, which has been good so far. We also released a new chapter on state and binding. This one already has a bunch of (hopefully) helpful custom diagrams in there that show how the state system works. The chapter itself focuses on doing state using the pre-iOS17 way, and has pointers to the iOS 17 chapter (in which we explain the key differences and how to use the new state system). We also did our second Q&A livestream.

We also recorded some episodes in which we reimplement a simplified version of the new observation framework in SwiftUI. It turns out this is not that hard to do (although as always, tricky to get just right).

I spent a morning and half an afternoon doing home improvement, mostly working on the final section of drywall (there’s one corner which wasn’t finished yet). Running also went well, I feel like I recovered very quickly from the marathon. I did take it quite easy the first few days of the week, which always helps.

In the garden things are growing well. We’re starting to see some tomatoes appear, have strawberries and raspberries, and the cucumber is now producing really well too. The edamame plants I sowed are also still alive. I’ve never grown edamame before, so it’s definitely an experiment that can fail.