Weeknotes № 35

More Keyframe And Annotated Slides

We finally recorded the final bits of our keyframe reimplementation, including a Catmull-Rom implementation that turned out to be extremely simple and matches exactly what SwiftUI does. I’ve used our reimplementation in a macOS 13 app successfully.

We also went over the entire book and made it ready for a final copy-editing pass. The next steps after that is to do a little bit of typesetting for the PDF version and possible a bit more for the printed version. Then we can release it!

I’ve been playing around with a new project that lets me record me typing code and then replay it in a smoother and animated way. This should be useful for making videos and when giving presentations (in SwiftUI).

Last week, Swift TO released the videos of all the presentations. I created an annotated version of my presentation A Day in the Life of a SwiftUI View. This definitely took a few hours here and there, but hopefully it’s useful to those of you that don’t want to or can’t watch videos.