Weeknotes № 37

More UIViewRepresentable Things

Last week we finalized the layout for Thinking in SwiftUI. Now we need to check the (print) proof copy and verify everything is okay before we can finally release it! I also spent some more time on my typing recorder app, it’s really starting to take shape. Hopefully I can demo it soon.

I spent another day working on better understanding and analyzing what’s happening with UIViewRepresentable and state, and typed these notes up into a blog post. After some initial confusion around processing multiple events (both from people who read it as well as myself) I also added some more explanations and diagrams to that post. Being able to quickly embed SwiftUI views in posts is starting to pay off, it’s almost no extra work. I’d like to look into how to do layout with view representables as well. Not sure yet how to tackle that and what use cases exist, but we’ll find out!

I also ran a race on Saturday which was pretty tough! After about half a minute I was in second position and it stayed that way throughout the race. I lost contact with the winner very quickly. Even throughout the half-way point he just kept on increasing the lead which ultimately was a little bit demotivating. I still enjoyed the running, I just wasn’t motivated to really push hard.

After the race there was a nice clear lake to swim in (a five minute walk from the finish line). Yesterday, I swam with a friend (so much more fun than swimming alone). We swam across our local lake and back, making it my farthest swim yet.