Weeknotes № 39

Recording and Experimenting

We shipped Thinking in SwiftUI last week! It’s now available in PDF and print. We’re very happy with the result (and open for suggestions, of course).

One thing that’s currently missing which we might add (depending on how hard it is) is an ePub version. Without having implemented it, it’s a bit hard to predict how much work this is. I’m sure we can get an 80% solution in a few days, but actually shipping it will definitely be harder.

My typing recording app is seeing some good progress. I’ve been bitten once again by the fact that I prototyped something without making my model values conform to Identifiable. I stored them in an array and just used the array index as the identity. This works fine for a while, but will always come back to haunt you.

We’ve also been busy with preparing new workshops. We updated the content in our workshop app to reflect what we learned from writing the book, and are also preparing some client-specific exercises.

At home, we started some work on renovating the exterior walls. Big holes were cut to allow for new windows and larger windows. We had to reinsulate some parts, add corner rails for the plastering, and all kinds of other small jobs I’d never done before. In the end, none of it is very hard, but it all takes a while to figure out. The hardest part for me is that I don’t know how to do things the right way, both at a theoretical level (what insulation or products do I use) and at a practical level (how do I make sure this is attached correctly). YouTube can help a lot but is no replacement for actual experience and expertise.