Weeknotes № 41


As a short break from my time off, we ran a workshop last week. I also took the opportunity to finally (after we moved in a few months ago) get my desk set up. I switched the saw horses for my standing desk base, added cable management and brought out all the gear I use when running a workshop: proper lighting, DSLR mount, HDMI converter, and so on. (It turned out my micro HDMI cable broke and I had to use my phone as a camera instead).

Because we ran the workshop in PST, we had to stay up quite late (I’m an early riser and not much of an evening person by default). A few days before these PST workshops I’ll start by adjusting my rhythm. The hardest part for me is sleeping in — even though I’m tired, I can’t help but wake up early. The other weird thing is my energy level throughout the day: I’m typically very awake early in the morning and get progressively more tired during the day. This kind of felt the other way around.

During the workshop, one of the attendees mentioned that it was nice to actually work on getting a very simple view to be pixel-perfect. In their own app, they often blame things on the complexity of their app, whereas here it’s just a few small components and there’s no hiding behind complexity. It also made me feel that, as iOS developers writing SwiftUI, any time invested in understanding SwiftUI is very well spent. We’ll probably be using this framework every single day for the next ten years or longer, any investment we make now will probably pay off many times over.