Weeknotes № 48

Workshops and Next

We held two workshops last week, one in PT and one in ET. This meant staying up (quite) late for five days in a row. It always takes some getting used to. But the advantage is that I had lots of daylight time to do other stuff.

I built a large wooden horse for my daughter. I finally took the time to set up my basement workshop (beyond the essentials). Got my dust collection going, which makes a massive difference (without dust collection, it isn’t much fun to spend longer than a few minutes there).

After a chat with my friend I moved my SwiftUI in the browser project over to next.js. This took a few days (during which the code didn’t compile). I feel a bit out of my depth in the entire modern web ecosystem, but I’ll manage. The nice thing is that now I can wrap up my functionality in React components, which is definitely an improvement over doing everything by hand.

I started slightly ramping up my running mileage and am hoping to start another 18-week marathon preparation in about a week from now. This should get me in shape for an April marathon. While it’s not realistic yet to train for a PB (I need a longer and more intensive buildup for that) I think I could aim for a second-best time. It depends a bit on how the next months go, training-wise.