Weeknotes № 49-50

Tweakable and SwiftUI

We recorded some Swift Talk episodes about tweakable values. We also continued implementing the new design for our website (and Swift Talk). It’s still not finished, hopefully soon.

I also spent a bunch of time on my SwiftUI layout explanation site. It’s not so easy to figure out the right visualizations, but I think we’re making progress there. I also want to have some animations in there, which means I’m going to attempt to clone SwiftUI’s animation system. I’ve reimplemented (parts of) the layout system a few times, but have never tried doing the animation system. I think the main challenge will be to make sure additive animations work as expected. I’m not too worried about performance — it’s something that should work correctly in a real implementation, but for my purposes, I only want to be able to animate a few views at the time.