Weeknotes № 2

New Things

The persistent cough I’ve had for weeks is finally getting better. I started running again (small steps). Originally, I wanted to start my marathon preparation a few weeks ago, but I had to postpone to get healthy again first. This means I can’t do a 16-week prep as usual, so I’ll do a 12-week version. While it won’t get me in the shape I want yet, it’s definitely going to be a good place to then build from.

We spent a day preparing for Swift Talk episodes, and I spent the rest of the week working on the new project (explaining SwiftUI in the browser). I made some really good progress: I separated updating views from laying views out, I added initial support for animations and transitions and implemented matched geometry effect. Some of the explanations we’re hoping to achieve are way better with animations, and this seemed like the easiest way to achieve that.

I also incorporated a new company. Or to be more precise: I took the first steps to being incorporated, as this process is quite elaborate in Germany, involving multiple in-person meetings. While the existing company I run with Florian is going to stay around, this new project will run under the new company.

Finally, I did a few smaller home improvement projects. For the first time, I worked with aluminum. It was pretty basic: just cutting stuff and drilling holes. The only tricky bit is that I wanted to tap threads, but that didn’t really work out the way I wanted (three of the holes ended up great, but on one of them I made a mistake and the bolts wouldn’t grip in the threads. I kind of want to learn to weld as well, but I’ve read that welding aluminum is pretty tricky.