Weeknotes № 4

Animations and Alignment

We’re in the polishing phase of the new SwiftUI web project, and I spent quite some time on getting the animations right. The framework now supports some basic transitions as well as animating the frame of views. Currently, property animations are not supported (although I think they should be very easy to add). On of the examples has a bunch of transitions and matched geometry effects, which turned out to be a bit tricky to get completely correct (but I think I got 95% of the way there).

We also dug into explaining alignment in SwiftUI. I feel like this is one of the most underappreciated APIs. With a solid understanding you can save so much code. It’s always a topic in our workshops as well and seems to really help people.

We’ve had a few sunny days last week and spent some time preparing the garden. I forgot how nice it can be to just be outside in the sun and do light physical labour. We also went to (yet another) demonstration with the family.