Weeknotes № 9


I spent last week teaching a workshop in Berlin. It was the first time in years doing an in-person workshop, which was really great. Im doing another in-person workshop in Hanover this week, and giving a talk in Hamburg at their CocoaHeads meetup. Both teaching the workshop from last week as well as preparing everything for this week did take up most of my time and energy.

Running-wise, I missed a few workouts. When I’m at home, I mostly run when it’s light out. I forgot to bring a headlamp, and couldn’t really do a speed workout in the dark with no vision while I was in Berlin. Luckily, my training schedule had a planned rest week anyway, so I’m not too worried about it. (Rest week doesn’t mean no running, it just means running a bit less).

I did manage to release one new section and two new pages for the Field Guide. The new section is about custom alignment IDs. I also added an introduction and a page about debugging techniques. I’m not sure yet what I’ll write about this week — there’s quite a backlog of things I’d like to cover still.

I also went over and fixed some bugs in the Field Guide. Since the first release the numbers in the sliders were often misaligned (sometimes not, though). It was a very simple fix in the end (although I did spent quite some time trying to fix it before). Likewise, there was a bug where some of the HStack examples would get stuck in an infinite render loop, ultimately causing the page to get really slow and make the browser unresponsive. That should be fixed now, too.