Weeknotes № 10-11


I’ve done two more weeks of weekly workshops (one in-person workshop in Germany, and one online for the US West Coast) and a talk at CocoaHeads Hamburg. It’s been pretty intense and I did not have a lot of time to work on the Field Guide.

One cool thing is that I gave my presentation in Hamburg using the Field Guide. I just set up a new “page” with full-screen interactive explanations and stepped through them. After all the hard work we put in it felt almost like cheating to be able to set up a basic presentation so quickly.

This week I’ll try to publish a new page about the safe area. I’ve been thinking about how to implement this for a long time, tried multiple approaches but ultimately settled on a relatively simple implementation (that’s correct in my limited testing). I have so many more ideas for where to take this, but currently only have limited time because of the workshops. I’m not yet set up for collaboration, so currently, I need to implement the SwiftUI part of the concept I want to explain, then implement the designs that Nicholas makes and finally write the explanations. Of course, we hardly ever get things right the first time around, so it’s always a few iterations of this process before we push things live.

The marathon training was slightly compromised especially by the traveling involved. I still think I’m well prepared to run a decent time next month. My plan was always to use the upcoming spring marathon as a stepping stone to getting fit again. I’m far from PB level fit (2:36) but hope I can run 2:50 or similar. That means spending the next few weeks tweaking the details, not getting injured and not getting sick.