Beta and Branding

This is the start of week 3 of my One App in Four Weeks project. Last Friday, I sent out the first beta version, and just sent an update (with mostly bugfixes).

Martijn Reintjes suggested that I should change Checkins to Meetups, and I couldn’t agree more. I wasn’t happy with Checkins to start with, and this makes it a lot simpler. Thanks dude!

Because I wanted to be future-proof, I decided to change it everywhere in the code too. This took a while, refactoring all the code and setting up a Core Data migration. It turns out that XCode 4 is still a bit buggy when it comes to migrations, but after trying the same thing three times it worked (seriously).

This weekend I was thinking about the name and branding. I currently have two options:


This name describes exactly what it does. Meetups. There is no other app with that name yet, although there is the platform, which might be confusing.


This is the name I like the most so far: calling it James. James helps you to record who you meet. James treats your information as confidential. James doesn’t get in the way. James is personal. I was thinking of using an image similar to this for the logo:


As always, let me know what you think: send an email or mention/message me on Twitter.