What I've been up to

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m organizing an English-speaking iOS Conference in Berlin called UIKonf, together with my fellow organizers Matt andPeter. If you are in or around Berlin on May 2nd, get on the mailing list and come join us!

Organizing this conference is really awesome. It started with a question: why doesn’t this conference exist? Then I realized that the only way to make it happen is do it yourself. Starting something like this feels really empowering: we can definitely have an impact on our direct environment by just doing stuff. I asked some people that are more awesome and experienced than myself, then we executed.

While UIKonf is still a few months away, I am getting better at shipping, and I can recommend you to do the same. Instead of reading this, write an article. Package up some software or libraries you have lying around. Organize a meetup. You’ll see that it’ll make you happy!

A good recommendation from my friend Alper is theCult of Donemanifesto. Take a minute or two to read it, and then get back at building stuff and shipping things!