Hard Decisions

Over the last few weeks, I was asked three times (by two different companies) to become the development lead (i.e. CTO). Both of these companies are really quite awesome, and I can see them become very succesful (actually, one already is quite succesful). I strongly considerd saying yes to both positions, but ultimately decided not to do it.

One of the companies already makes good profits, the other one is just starting but can become very profitable. Both of them are sort of world-changing, one more than the other. Both companies have awesome teams.

Saying no was very hard for me. There are two big reasons for me not to do it:

One: I’m planning to leave The Netherlands again, to live abroad for a few years. This could happen quite soon or in about a year (which is also quite soon when you’re joining a company that’s starting). I don’t think it’s a good idea to start something like that when you know you’re almost leaving.

Two: I’m really enjoying my lifestyle right now. I’m working on new ideas for apps, building prototypes and finishing some of them, getting products out of the door and meeting interesting people. I also run a lot, almost every day, at the middle of the day. I’m not commuting to work, but instead working from home or in coffee shops. If I would take a position at a startup or regular company, it probably means commuting, and I have a lot less choice in how I would like to spend my time.

With both opportunities I felt it was a quite ‘safe’ way for me to spend my time. Doing everything on my own feels more risky, but more rewarding because of that. Also, I’m becoming more and more attached to my freedom of time, and I think that’s a good thing.