How I Will Design My App Website

For Met, I need to design and build a website, and in this post I’ll show some of best the app websites I’ve bookmarked and try to explain why I like them. My definition of “best” in this case mostly means beautiful. I don’t know how they convert visitors or any other performance, so that’s something I need to measure myself.


Perhaps the most important part of an app website are the screenshots. All the great app websites have good screenshots on their websites. The screenshot is never just a screenshot, but always shown with the iPhone around it. Great examples are Eeve andCocktails. How not to do it is shown on my ownTrackMe website.

Uli also once said to me that the iPhone should always be shown on a real background. With is a perfect example of this: they show people meeting each other on the background.

Good one-sentence explanation

All the good app websites have one sentence that explains what they do, either as the logo subtitle or just in a bold font:

  • Flipboard - “This is your Flipboard. It’s your social magazine, now with more to enjoy”

  • With - “A fun, simple way to share who you’re with”

  • Camera+ - “The ultimate photo app”

  • Flight Card - “Your boarding pass, reinvented”

Start with the important things

When you open most of the websites, you see a logo, the screenshots, a brief explanation and a “Download on the App Store” button, not much else. If you want more information, sometimes you can scroll or page through the screenshot. On other websites, you can scroll down and see more things, such as testimonials, feature lists and contact info.

As a non-designer, that’s the elements I could find in common. I will keep these things in mind when I design the website for Met this week. If you know of any other good ideas or app websites, let me know, and I’ll update the post accordingly.