Introducing Met

After yesterday’s post, a lot of people contacted me with ideas for a name. Thanks Pim, Martijn, Miles, Wilfred and Fabian (I hope I didn’t forget somebody). Some liked James, some liked Meetups, all with good reasons.

However, one reply stood out: Jurriaan had an idea for a more minimalistic name: “Met”. Short and to the point. It’s about who you met. The best thing is: in Dutch it means “with”, and this is about who you were with. Awesome!

Today I started designing a splash screen and an icon (see below). I also added an optional passcode lock (as this can be very private data). Getting the design and logic right took a bit of thinking and experimenting, but I think it’s good now. It’s enabled whenever you start the app, or resume the app (for example, after you lock the screen, switch to a different app or get a phone call).

Martijn and Eelco send in a bunch of very good feature requests / tips today, thanks guys! To give a glimpse of my next actions:

  • Pressed state for passcode buttons

  • Use secure passcode storage (currently, I hacked it together using NSUserDefaults, which is unsafe)

  • Swipe to delete

  • Text color for selected tableview cells

  • Link to Address Book from a contact / meetup

  • Screen rotation support (as this gives you a bigger keyboard)

I will also add search, eventually. It’s a bit complicated, because I’ll have to compile my own sqlite library, and I’m a bit afraid that it might break in the future. However, analysis paralysis is a horrible thing, and making decisions is a good thing, so I decided to first do all the other stuff and then think about it again.