Met In The App Store

This morning at 10:11 GMT+1, version 1.0 of Met was submitted to the App Store. It’s been quite an experience, blogging about everything, from before there was an idea until the App Store submission. I will write a recap of everything next week.

In the last few days, I’ve been helping out with an ultra marathon, and met a lot of interesting and inspiring people. There was a 73-year old guy who ran 160 kilometers (100 miles) who finished without any problems. Very impressive. After the race, I travelled to Málaga and yesterday I got back to The Netherlands. During this time, I felt bad for not writing about Met, as it was almost ready. Yesterday, I fixed a last bug while I was waiting on the airport.

Travelling always makes me come up with new thoughts. The faster I travel, the bigger the thoughts seem to be. As I was in an airplane yesterday, I had some high-level ideas about what to do with my life.

At this moment, I found out that making enough money from selling my own products is a little harder than I thought. However, I really love what I’m doing, and I’m having a great time. It is probably going to take me longer than I expected to be able to live off of the passive income made from my apps, but I’m not worried about that. In the meantime, I’ll do some client projects (anybody looking for an iOS developer?).

Now that the first version of Met is submitted to the App Store, it’s almost time for some other projects. I still need to write a press release and send it out, but after that is fully prepared I look forward to work on some other projects. One thing I’ll be working is the super-secret project I wrote about earlier. The physical prototypes are almost ready, and the first version of the iPhone app too. Also, Uli and I are going to spend a week getting the app done that we’ve worked on and talked about for the last few months.

I love running, and have been training quite heavily for the last 1.5 years. I track all my running using my Garmin 405 watch, and all the activities are uploaded to Garmin Connect, a webservice for analyzing everything about your workout. However, they don’t have an iPhone or iPad client, and I would love to have a decent app for that. This is one of the ideas I’m thinking about building next.