On Running

Running gives me a lot of energy. After a run, there is the runner’s high: the released endorphin in my brain makes me feel great.

Training, races and continually wanting to get better makes me push myself. I’m not pushing too much, for risk of over-training, but I am constantly overcoming barriers and improving. After running my first half marathon a few years ago, I felt on top of the world, and that feeling lasted an entire week. The achievement made everything else in life seem so easy in comparison.

Running keeps my body fit, which helps for my mind too. I feel happier and more creative. Some therapists prescribe running to depressed people, as it can relieve stress and anxiety.

Being an avid runner, I also like to watch other runners. Seeing people break world records or their own personal best is very inspiring. Watching a 73-year old man run 160 kilometers (100 miles) through the mountains is even better. Being a runner myself makes me appreciate these things even more.

Running also brings me discipline. I have carried that discipline into other areas of my life as well. It takes a bit to get started with running, but once you are going out on a regular schedule, you feel more disciplined and better about yourself. Enjoy!