Rotation fun

Today I spent a lot of time implementing landscape orientation, next to portrait orientation (as this gives you a bigger keyboard). However, in the end I managed to nail it, I think. Everything resizes, moves around and plays nice with showing and hiding the keyboard.

I also added hover effects for the passcode buttons, designed the section header, changed the passcode screen slightly, added swipe to delete and changed the selection color of the text. Also, you can now go to the contact’s details from the meetup details screen. Thanks to Eelco and Martijn for pointing out some of these bugs and issues.

Dave Murphy wrote in to ask why I designed a splash screen instead of showing an empty UI (the last is recommended by Apple). As I expect most users to secure their app with a passcode, the splash screen is the background for the passcode screen as well. When you start the app, the passcode keyboard will slide in. Although Dave might be right, I think I’ll leave it like this for now.

He also asked if I considered the icon with just the ‘m’, and I haven’t. I’ll experiment with that tomorrow!

I won’t release another beta today, as I want to fix some outstanding bugs tomorrow, but the beta testers can expect a new version at the end of the afternoon (in Europe).