Selecting People Faster

Today, I fixed some minor things in the code, and simplified the workflow. In the previous version, when checking in, you were presented with a list of people. After that, you could do the checkin.

In the current version, it works much like sending an email or sms: you start by typing somebody’s name, and you will see a list of people below (see the screenshot). After you click on a name, you can continue with typing the note. This makes adding a note (the most important workflow in the app) a lot faster.

Tomorrow, I will be travelling again. Part of it will be the three hour train ride from Granada to Seville, which means I will have some time for hacking. I’m hoping to implement the grouping by first letter for the People view (just like in Address Book) and start work on the search functionality (which means I will have to compile my own version of sqlite).

The app is almost ready for beta testing. If you plan on using this app, pleasesend me an email and I will send you instructions.