Start of Week 2

Today is the start of the second week of the One App in Four Weeks challenge.

Last Friday, I added tabs to the application: one for the most recent checkins, and one for the list of contacts. More tabs will probably come, such as search and settings.

This week, I will try to get the functionality done. I need to add a Person view (after you press on a Person you see the history), fix some shortcuts I took, add search and add a passcode lock (as Lucas said, this is indeed a very sensitive application).

As Robert mentioned on Twitter, it would be nice if you can minimize the amount of input. He suggested not doing free text input, and while I agree that would be nice I still think it’s valuable to have a free text input (although smart autocompletion could help out in minimizing the amount you need to type).

After the implementation, the next steps would be to work on the branding and the design. I am a bit afraid of the design part, as I am not a very good designer (I don’t have a great eye for detail and sometimes lack the patience when designing). So for the designers who are reading along, I would be very interested in your ideas.

For the branding, I thought of a great name (Dossier), but it’s already used by some other apps (one of which does a similar thing). However, I didn’t really put any effort into it so far, so after a good brainstorming session I’ll come up with a name.