Status Update

A quick write-up

Lots of stuff happened over the last months, so here’s a partial list:

  • I finished my project with Aprendo. We’ve been working on an in-house iPad app for almost a year. At this point, I can’t demo anything publicly, but I’d be happy to talk about it in private.

  • I organized UIKonf together withPeter andMatt. I think it’s safe to say that the conference was a resounding success. We learned a lot of things that we can do better next year, but all in all, we’re very happy.

  • I started, a new online periodical about best practices and techniques in Objective-C. The response so far has been very good, and matches the amount of work we’ve put in.

  • I started work on a small app to track your food intake, based on the Diet Quality Score system.

  • I started planning to build independent apps together withFlorian.

  • The running is going well, too, I improved my PB on the 10K in bad circumstances to 37:03, and will run my first marathon this weekend (although I have a slight injury, so depending on how that feels I might pull out at the last minute).

Depending on the contracting work I might have more time to blog. I have a lot of topics in my head, some might appear here and some