Week 2: design improvements

This post is about Week 2 of my One App in Four Weeks project.

This week was a bit strange, in many ways. For me, it didn’t feel like a productive week. On Monday and Tuesday I got some things done, Wednesday I was travelling (but thinking) and Thursday I spent most of the day creating a custom design in Photoshop. I then decided that it wasn’t good enough. Instead, I chose to go for the default styles used in all of Apple’s apps and Twitter. If it is good enough for Loren Brichter, it is good enough for me.

I didn’t implement search functionality yet. Because I had to do lots of messy stuff (such as creating a custom version of sqlite), I stepped back and thought about whether I would need it. For now, I’ll stay lean and not add it, and see if it will become necessary.

I also removed the location feature (because it wasn’t implemented yet). I don’t think it is necessary, although it would make a nice add-on. I look forward to the beta-testers’ feedback to see what they think of it.

Today I spent polishing the features I had, trying to minimize the UI and keep everything very simple. The app is now quite minimal, but it does the job. Now it’s time to send out some beta’s!