Weeknotes № 34

Getting Back Into It

Last week we prepared and recorded more episodes about our SwiftUI keyframe reimplementation effort. I also worked on getting closer to the Catmull-Rom version that SwiftUI has implemented, but I’m not quite there yet. It’s close enough to be unnoticable, but I always feel like pushing that extra bit to get 100% accurate is somehow worth it when trying to understand how things work.

We replaced our old blender at home (it broke over a year ago), so I’ve been on a bit of a smoothie trip, making all kinds of combinations (spinach/banana/ginger is one of my favorites). I also finally made gazpacho again: almost everything (except for the stale bread) came directly from the garden. Absolutely delicious.

Towards the end of the week we started integrating the iOS 17 chapter of Thinking in SwiftUI into the rest of the book. This was a bit more work than expected but we have the basic contents in. Now some parts don’t flow as nicely, so that’ll be our focus for this week.

Yesterday I ran a 24km race again on quite difficult terrain. I wasn’t really sure how fit I am, but it turned to be much better than expected. I started off quickly and built up a gap to the guy behind me. I was afraid I overpaced myself doing that, and the gap stayed at roughly the same distance. Towards the end there was a short but steep climb where he got much closer, but I still had enough left to not let him pass.