Weeknotes № 18


The Dynamic Type page on the Field Guide is finally live. There are still some things I’d like to tweak (especially on mobile). The values that we use are directly from the Human Interface Guidelines, I’m not sure if they’re 100% the same as Apple’s actual implementation, but definitely close enough. We also used these to implement Dynamic Type on the Mac: https://github.com/chriseidhof/dynamic-type.

I played around with compiling Swift to WASM after seeing Max’s post. I really wanted to make it work with embedded Swift (to avoid large wasm binaries) but it’s still quite limited. I managed to produce a minimal Hello, World example.

We recorded some more Swift Talk episodes, and I had a bunch of workshop-related planning and calls. I also went to Prague to give a talk about SwiftUI’s layout system, which was nice but short. It was good seeing old friends again. The talk was a mix of live-coding and presentation, which turned out well, I think. I traveled to Prague by train, which is easily my prefered way of long-distance transportation. I love sitting on the train, looking out the window and doing some work.