On Breakups

Not too long ago, I went through a breakup, or to put it another way: I got dumped. Fortunately, this wasn’t the first time I went through a breakup. Everybody handles it differently, but these are the sort of things that help me deal with it:

I meet a lot of friends and talk about it. I go out to bars where nice girls hang out, just to reassure myself that there are more girls out there. I try to sleep a lot, eat healthy, exercise: take good care of myself. I change something in my life, sometimes radical, sometimes not so radical. Make some new friends.

I never come back together, and don’t even consider the possibility. This makes letting go easier. Until I’m completely over it, and longer, I try to minimize the contact. I accept the situation, no matter what the reasons for the breakup are. Even if I don’t know the reasons.

After living together, moving out of the place makes it easier. Otherwise I’ll keep hoping she might be there when I hear a noise or get home.

Breakups suck for the most part, but there are upsides too: I have a lot more free time. I can do whatever I want to, no concessions. I will fall in love again. And perhaps the biggest, most immediate upside: I’m reminded once again that I’ve got awesome friends and family (thanks guys!).